The place I live is in a beautiful peaceful place surounded by big trees and bushes, its called Lemon Tree Passage I like living there because there is never much traffic around even in the holidays but its not just lemon tree passage its the whole of Port Stephens thats great to live in there is lots of  beaches, pools and shops. There is something for everyone.

5 thoughts on “WHERE I LIVE!!!

  1. Hi Aysha

    Lemon Tree Passage sounds like a wonderful place to live! I love the name!

    Have you always lived in Port Stephens? You are lucky to be surrounded by both trees and beaches. What are some of your favourite outdoor activities?

    Miss Y 🙂

  2. Hello dear Cousin.
    I love your Blog as it’s very green (colourful) and creative. When I came to visit you this time last year I had no idea what to expect from Port Stephens? And when I arrived I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and it’s surroundings. The beaches and bays are stunning! also I really liked the openness of the area as London,England is far too crowded and claustrophobic. I could easily live in Lemon tree passage and wish I did as it caters for a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

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