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Cool maths is a website that lets you play maths and other games as well, you don’t, have to have a password or user name and it doesn’t cost any money to go on. It is educational and you can learn a lot from it.The non educational games aren’t the most practical games for school but are good for at home. i think that cool maths is a good website for when your board or when your board at home. To get to col maths you can go to

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  1. Hi Aysha

    I’m going to tell some of the students at my school about the Cool Maths site. Which games would you recommend for using at school?

    Did you know that you can create a hyperlink to a website on your blog post. If you wanted to hyperlink the Cool Maths site follow these steps

    In your post highlight the words Cool Maths
    In the editing section (where you change text colour etc) you will see a chain link – click this and you will see a pop-up box
    In the Link URL box you paste the Cool Maths website address
    In the Target box you select – Open in a new window
    I don’t really worry about the third box unless I want to align the website

    After you do all of these steps you should have created a link to the Cool Maths website for your readers to click on and visit!

    Good luck and let me know how you go creating your own hyperlinks to websites in your blog.

    Miss Y 🙂

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