Raj is the name of my dog, he is a Labrador. Labradors originated in England as they are water dogs. I got the name Raj off the show the big bang theory, and there is an elephant off Camp Laslo named Raj too .

Raj is a good dog but he bites a lot. My sister broke her ankle when  she tripped over him. Raj is now one and I can barely take him for walks!!!!!labrador-dogs-275x300

9 thoughts on “Raj

  1. Hey(:
    My name is Layne. I am 14 years old. Right now I am working on our class blog. It’s very interesting!
    I have a labrador too. They are awesome dogs. Mine also has a lot of energy. She is really strong too!


  2. Hi Aysha,

    Your dog is adorable. I used to train a Guide Dog called Captain ( a Labrador) he was a disaster waiting to happen he sounds a bit like Raj. Captain had a huge ball of energy and loved to use it. Now I have a Shetland Sheepdog called Jasper he is so lazy. I really like your blog.

    Please visit my blog at:


  3. Hi Aysha

    I’m a Teacher-Librarian from Melbourne and I’m looking forward to visiting your blog during the Blog Challenge.

    What a gorgeous dog you have! I could imagine Raj taking YOU for a walk!! I have a King Charles Cavalier called Jambo (African for “hello”) and he loves to go on walks.

    What do you think is the best thing about owning a dog?

    Miss Y 🙂

  4. Hey I am GT and I think your dog is adorable and it has a very cute name too. I have 3 dogs 1 Boxer named Odis and 2 Boston Terriers named Oreo and Domino. Odis is 1 or 2 and Oreo and Domino are 7 or 8.
    Well really cool blog and bye!!

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