You may think that a day at school is just like any other day of school you do work, you go out for lunch and recess and then just plain old boring work again, but in my class its a whole different story. You see when you walk in to my classroom at school you don’t just think  “ohhh not more work” you think “ahhh another day in the best class in the world”.

And thats a typical day at S.P.P.S.


The place I live is in a beautiful peaceful place surounded by big trees and bushes, its called Lemon Tree Passage I like living there because there is never much traffic around even in the holidays but its not just lemon tree passage its the whole of Port Stephens thats great to live in there is lots of  beaches, pools and shops. There is something for everyone.


As you can probably tell my favourite colour is GREEN but to be specific apple green the colour of green apples. I based my blog on green because i wanted people to see that green is the best colour in the world.  But of course I don’t just like GREEN so like other colours such as blue and purple, I have no idea why i have an obsession with one specific colour but its just the way i am!!!!!!!


when to use photos on the internet?

I think when to use photos on the Internet is when you have to or need to not just any old photo but one that best suits what you are doing. You also have to use photos that are appropriate for where ever you are, or if say, you were at home it would be a whole differenr story. Another reason is if you did not give creadit to the preson whot took the photo they could even possibly sue you.

To get to any photo there possibly is go to this web address www.google.com and then press images.

cool maths games

Cool maths is a website that lets you play maths and other games as well, you don’t, have to have a password or user name and it doesn’t cost any money to go on. It is educational and you can learn a lot from it.The non educational games aren’t the most practical games for school but are good for at home. i think that cool maths is a good website for when your board or when your board at home. To get to col maths you can go to www.coolmaths.com

why you should visit my blog!!!!!

I think people should visit my blog because it has posts about everything that you are interested about and more, and what makes it more interesting that it usually is,  thats right its green. It has a post about my dog , our school fete, being in the oc class and much much more.

Another reason you should consider is its complete and utterly skillness of my blog.My blog has fun aswell as funny widgets for all ages to play.

So next time your on edublogs remember my blog and comment!!!

Mandigo Theme

I have have a theme in my blog called mandigo i think its good because you can change the colour and the picture at the top. One of the other good things are that you can get a side bar with heaps of widgets, a tagline and much more.

So when are you getting a mandigo theme!!!!

the S.P.P.S fete

At Soilders point public school on September 11th there was a school fete. At the fete there was heaps of performers, dances, choirs and even bagpipes. The sad thing is that I wasn’t at the fete because it was my pops 80th birthday. There was also lots of rides and jumping castles and food stalls. But my favourite thing at the fete would have to be the tombola stall not just because my teacher ran the stall and sold all its jars in 1 hour and 15 minutes but because it had heaps of great things in them. I think if Soilders Point Public school ever have another fete I will be there.


Raj is the name of my dog, he is a Labrador. Labradors originated in England as they are water dogs. I got the name Raj off the show the big bang theory, and there is an elephant off Camp Laslo named Raj too .

Raj is a good dog but he bites a lot. My sister broke her ankle when  she tripped over him. Raj is now one and I can barely take him for walks!!!!!labrador-dogs-275x300